Worship Me – Inspirational Cue 2 “The Behemoth Cometh”

Here’s a track I wrote to embody the awesome, ancient force that terrorizes the congregation of St. Paul’s United church in my novel Worship Me. It’s an intense track led by timpani and strings. I might have been a little more than just inspired by Jerry Goldsmith’s legendary score for The Omen (though, honestly, I prefer his work on Damien: The Omen II, or even Poltergeist II: The Other Side… God is in his holy temple… chilling). Either way, the cue helped bring me back to the relentlessness of the beast whenever I needed a reminder. The tempo drives forward like a rolling storm, as unstoppable as the Behemoth itself, complete with clapping thunder and whirling winds.

If you missed the first track, Keeping the Faith, you can find it here.

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