Worship Me – Inspirational Cue 1 “Keeping the Faith”

For me, I’m rarely afforded a calm, secluded moment to delve into my writing. More often, I have to battle for every second while the practical world of day-to-day life demands my attention. Must I have to eat? Really, must I? A long list of errands and obligations pins my feet to the ground, when all I want to do is soar off into whatever dream – or nightmare – awaits me. These distractions can make it hard to return to certain themes, characters and emotions.

So instead of losing my mind and chopping up my loved ones like I’m stuck in the Overlook Hotel, I’ve found a quick and easy way of returning to those hard to find places.

Simply, music.

For each of my themes and characters, I composed a piece of music using the program Logic. Listening to these tracks brings me right back to where I was, quickly and efficiently.

I’m sharing here the first track I composed for my new novel, Worship Me, entitle Keeping The Faith. It’s a calm, harmonic piece utilizing all the usual instruments you’re likely to find in a country church: an organ, a piano, and voices. But the harmony doesn’t last; it sours, and soon we discover that underneath all those warm notes, and high reaching keys, is some deep-rooted dissonance. So be sure to listen until the end.

And don’t forget to check out the other tracks:

Cue 2 – “The Behemoth Cometh”

Cue 3 – “Angela’s Song”

Cue 4 – “When There’s Nothing”

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