Worship Me – Inspirational Cue 4 – “When There’s Nothing”

Here’s the fourth piece of music I wrote while discovering for myself what horrors would befall the poor, desperate congregation in Worship Me. As things turn from bad to worse, their faith is tested, bent, then shattered. Suddenly godless, they’re faced with a terrifyingly hollow truth, like strolling through a field, only to suddenly discover it’s not a field at all, but the edge of a canyon – a great, yawning pit. Is there a bottom to that tunnelling darkness, is there anything at all? This track is meant to express what it feels like to stare into such dreaded emptiness. So, enjoy?

And if you missed the other pieces:

Cue 1 – “Keeping The Faith”

Cue 2 – “The Behemoth Cometh”

Cue 3 – “Angela’s Song”

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